Thursday 16 February 2023

Tuesday 14th February - Still Life - Table top workshop

A practical session taking photographs in the hall always goes down well and this evening's meeting was no exception.  There were seven table top arrangements provided by Francesca, Jan, Liz and Andy which gave a wide variety of subjects from traditional still life through to amazing 'tricks'.  Also, Jack was on hand with a demo showing a basic Lightroom and Photoshop workflow for getting images from the camera to competition-ready.

There was plenty of time for each person to take a series of shots, adjust their settings and learn through trial and error.  We were aiming for shots like these:

Coffee and Orange by Graham Jackson

Coffee time - Francesca

Nuts and Bolts Skyline - Jan

Sparkler and Lightbulb - Jan

Still Life Old Master - Andy

Water Refraction - Jan

And here we are trying to capture the shot:

Water Refraction

Nuts and Bolts

Still Life Old Master

Still Life

Tangerine Reflection

Coffee Time

IT helpdesk

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