Wednesday 26 October 2022

Tuesday 25th October 2022 - Competition, Digital Round 1 'Open'

This was our first competition of the season and was very well supported. The judge, Steve Milner, commented on and scored 64 images over the evening. There was a wide variety of topics on display and Steve cast his critical eye over each image and offered suggestions for improving the images before giving his score.

We have returned to three classes this season. Below you can see the high scoring images from the Members, Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Members class:

RED ARROWS by Andrew Barnes 18/20

COMMON BUZZARD by John Laing 16/20

Intermediate class:

IVORY FLAME by Chris Kot 20/20

SHOWING OFF IN THE SHOW RING by Tom Thurston 20/20

HORSE AND MAIDEN by Chris Kot 20/20


THREE MEN AND A BOAT by Kim Scrivener 19/20

I BRING YOU FLOWERS by Graham Jackson 19/20

GHOST WALK by Pam Rutty 19/20

GERBERA by Di Daniels 19/20

Advanced Class:

A POL POT SURVIVOR by Jan Murphy 20/20

WINTER STAG by Robin Orrow 20/20

AUTUMN MORNING by Liz Blake 20/20

LIFES A BEACH by Stephen Gregory 20/20

PUFFIN IN THE EVENING LIGHT by Jack Mitchell 19/20

ROSEBUD AND ROSE by Diana Graham 19/20

CANOE SLALOM GATE 24 by Andy Caws 19/20

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