Thursday 7 July 2022

Tuesday 5th July – "A feeling of impressionism by Steve le Prevost

 For our last Zoom meeting for the season we welcomed a visitor from Guernsey, Steve le Prevost. Steve's talk started with explaining about textures and how he created them. he then moved on to show us some images using various textures, including his FRPS panel.

Most of the images he illustrated his talk with were composites and he explained how he had arrived at the finished picture, using layers, blending modes, masks, and white layers. Each images was made up of several photos, and then he painstakingly edited and worked on them to arrive at the finished product. 

He also explained a little about composition and even showed us some of his images which he felt had not worked. Generally his images were either landscape, still life or maybe surreal. They blurred the boundaries between photography and art, hence the title of his talk.

His images were amazing and provided inspiration for many members to see what could be achieved with much practise and time in various software programmes. 

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