Friday 13 May 2022

Tuesday 10th May – "Fine Art Workflow" – a presentation by David Garthwaite

David came to us well recommended to deliver his presentation about his Fine Art Workflow. David started by introducing himself and we were amazed that he had only been using this style of imagery for the last three years. He showed a short video of his images, some of which can be seen on his web site,

Using photoshop he then took us through the steps in his fine art work flow, starting with a coloured image and ending up with a stunning black and white image which he had toned in various ways to produce the image he envisaged. He explained each tool as he used it and in some cases steps were repeated so it was easier to follow along.

Not for those who liked to spend 5 to 10 minutes just moving a few sliders around but for those prepared to send time on an image the finished photos were excellent and somewhat ethereal.

Most members were most appreciative of David's talk, some were keen to go and try it, whilst others felt that their photoshop skills needed more guidance. 

It was a good evening and refreshing that someone was so willing and able to share and explain their workflow rather than just showing the finished image.

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