Friday 13 May 2022

Thursday 12th May – Outing to Kings Lynn

Thanks to the combined efforts of Di Jackson and Tim Leonard we had a great outing to Kings Lynn. The weather was bright and sunny, even though it clouded over later. Tim guided us to several areas of interest and provided fascinating insights into the locality.

Although there were over 20 of us we had time to spread out and each take the images that were of interest, providing a very varied selection of photos, as can be seen below.

The Exorcist House by Graham Jackson

Carving detail from Pew End in St Nicholas Chapel
                                                  by Tim Leonard

The Custom House by Jan Murphy

Mending the Net by Francesca Shearcroft

 WDPC Members at Kings Lynn Docks by Tom Thurston

 Shady Characters by Di Jackson

Priory Lane by Graham Frost

Hidden Gateway by Andy Caws

For Ukraine by Christine Frost

                                                       Clifton House Watchtower by Liz Blake

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