Wednesday 9 March 2022

Tuesday 8th March - "By Land and Sea" by Mark Sisson

Mark is a professional photographer from Newport in Shropshire who was introduced to his love of nature by his father who was a reedcutter in Norfolk. Mark explained how he wanted to get to know and portray his subjects in a different way which led to his career, in particular he loves getting down to eye level with his subjects and showing the environment they inhabit.

The talk was split into two halves, first was coastal and maritime with some wonderful images of birds and other coastal wildlife from the British shore to more remote locations such as the Falklands. After the interval he moved on to the 'land' side of his talk or more specifically rivers, marshes and lakes. This included many examples of getting down to surface level to capture some beautiful reflections which I am sure will provide inspiration for our upcoming Shadows/ Reflections competition.

The talk was well received and I am sure we will be inviting Mark back in the future. Examples of his work can be found on his website:  Galleries – Mark Sisson Photography

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