Sunday 6 March 2022

Tuesday 1st March - “Colour, Tones and Textures” by Ruth Grindrod

Ruth started her presentation by describing the attributes of colour, tone and texture and how they relate to each other. She used Turner’s ‘Fighting Temeraire’ to demonstrate how one of the great artists used complementary colours as well as tones and textures in their work. Ruth used Photoshop tools to demonstrate how she controls each in her own work.

After the break Ruth gave another demonstration of how she uses Photoshop in her editing to take an already beautiful photograph to another level. She then finished the evening with a presentation of some of her work set to music. 

Ruth stressed the need to make your work your own and not to just stand in others footsteps. Her presentation was an inspiration made very entertaining by her down to earth presentation.

If anyone wants to see more of Ruth’s work please take a look at the galleries on her website:

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