Thursday 13 January 2022

Tuesday 11th January – Presentation by Paul Stanley, FIPS, EFIPA/g: "My photography "

With the ongoing pandemic we have decided that for the next three months all meetings would be via Zoom, so it was a pleasure to welcome Paul Stanley all the way from Dublin.

Initially there were technical issues with the sound which made most of the first half quite difficult to hear clearly. None the less we had a world tour of Paul's Travel and Street images, going from Asia to America and a few places in-between.

Paul explained how he tried to capture a story with his images and was keen to "Keep it Simple", negative space being a positive although not always viewed that way by some judges. With some images Paul explained briefly his editing steps which he generally kept to a minimum.

In the second half the images Paul showed were much nearer home, UK and Eire, and focussed mainly on people, landscapes and portraiture. He finished his presentation by showing some panels which he had entered into his local club competitions.

Along the way he also mentioned some areas in Eire which would be great for landscape images, mainly around the Dingle Peninsular.

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