Wednesday 10 November 2021

Tuesday 9th November – "And Now for Something Completely Different" – by David Sadler

 David Sadler is a much sort after speaker and we were able at last to book him to come along to Norfolk, all the way from north of the border.

David's images were certainly different and many scored relatively low marks in competitions and yet David has many photographic distinctions, ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/s. BPE*3, LBIPP. David specialises in using a fisheye lens and taking many self portraits, invariable using amazing rigs attached to skateboards. How he did not break any cameras is incredible.

The images were frequently self portraits and invariably very heavily processed tending towards HDR.  The presentation included a video  in essence capturing a day in the life of David Sadler, based on images he had taken to obtain his ARPS.  

David's talk was aptly titled and was well received by members, some of whom said that they had not laughed so much in ages. In conclusion David encouraged us to take images for ourselves, then for other club members and then finally for the judge. 

Some of his images may be found on his website: click here.

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