Wednesday 6 October 2021

Tuesday 5th October – "I didn't know you could do that in Lightroom", a talk by Joe Houghton

Again we took advantage of Zoom and invited Joe Houghton to come along to WDPC, all the way from Dublin.  Joe is an excellent presenter and unraveled some of the mysteries of Lightroom for us. In the first half he mainly discussed the use of the Library module and ably demonstrated its powerfulness.

In the second half he processed some images in the Develop module and as someone said in the chat "H" is their new go to key as it seems to unlock huge potential is the various facilities within the programme.

Not only did Joe give an excellent presentation but he was more than willing to answer questions as he went along.

We look forward to receiving the recording of Joe's talk so that we can re-visit some of the many intricacies of the programme.

The added bonus was that some of the features he showed us could equally well be applied to other editing programmes.

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