Thursday 14 October 2021

Tuesday 12th October – Back to Basics

It is always helpful to clarify the basics, especially as we have had new members going over the last 18 months. So we welcomed club member Nick Akers and his friends to cover the basics of the exposure triangle. 

Despite receiving several apologies there were many members in the hall. Nick explained the basic triangle then each of the next 3 presenters covered one element, showing some great images to illustrate their points. Di Jackson talked about aperture, Liz Akers discussed shutter speed and Dawn Osborn explained ISO. As they all preferred different genres of photography the images were very varied which added to the evening's enjoyment.

After the break Andy Caws showed 30 images as part of a quiz. Well...we did not know as much as we thought and many members were somewhat surprised at their scores. None the less a great evening was had by all. Well done to Roy who won the box of chocolates. 

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