Tuesday 8 June 2021

Tuesday 1st June – "The Way I See It' by Chris Upton, ARPS

Many positive comments after Chris Upton's talk, which covered the 7 steps he thought were necessary to take a good picture. He started by emphasising the need to work out what is the message you are trying to convey before considering the Hows.  Each of his points was most ably illustrated by his own images.

The talk was good instruction for our less able members and a useful refresher for the more experienced.  Lots of practical suggestions, hints and tips but Chris also stressed that looking at all the videos, reading all the books, listening to all the talks etc  was no substitute for actually getting out there with your camera.

Post meeting note: This week Chris has received a commendation for his image "Medusa" in the Sienna awards. No mean achievement considering there were over 50,000 images submitted.

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