Wednesday 9 December 2020

Tuesday 8th December – The Diary of a Nature Photographer

Last week we heard from a Spaniard living in Ireland this week we have a  Dutch gentlemen living in London, Rene de Heer, to talk to us about his nature photography, mainly birds.

Rene took us on a world tour and showed us many stunning bird photographs. It was good to see some of these birds which are not the normal birds seen in the UK, including golden eagles, pigmy owls and cranes.  Rene researched and planned his trips so he knew exactly where to go to find  the species he was looking for. Although frequently frustrated by poor weather, it was evident from Rene's pictures that he was very patient spending many hours in hides, not always in the most comfortable of positions, and it was clear his perseverance paid off.

Unusually for such a talk Rene also included some images of the hides and even an occasional landscape view to show the sort of areas he visited.

An interesting evening which had a good attendance from members who were captivated by the images displayed on screen. Some of Rene's pictures can be seen on his website:  I can imagine that there will be several members wanting to go along on one of Rene's tours to Spain when travelling restrictions are lifted!

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