Thursday 3 December 2020

Tuesday 1st December – "Architectural Photography – In search of the genus loci"

We were delighted to welcome Iñaki Hernández-Lasa FRPS, FIPF, AFIAP, all the way from Limerick, to our club meeting this week. When you think of architectural images you tend to think of photos of a building, often in its entirety and in its environment. 

Iñaki shared with us his vision for architectural images which was very different and he tried to capture the spirit of the place by showing abstract or minimalist images. His talk was centred around his two panels, one from the Guggenheim in Bilbao for his FRPS and one based on Valencia for his FIPF; both of which can be seen on his website,  

Iñaki emphasised the need to plan and prepare your shoots, the need to often wander around the buildings for some considerable time before even taking out the camera. He frequently arrived at the venue early before there were too many people around then having the patience to wait until the person/people were in just the right place.  The importance was the thought process behind the image and not the gear used to capture the image. 

Many members commented that they were inspired to go out and take some images of more contemporary buildings when we are able to travel around more freely.

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