Wednesday 29 January 2020

Tuesday 28th January Focus On – Table Top Followed by a talk on Studio Flash

Having had a workshop on table top images it was time to have a Focus On – Table Top images. There were fewer than usual images  for the audience to judge them None the less there was lots of creativity and the top ten scoring images are shown below.

The second half of the evening was a talk about Studio Flash, given by club member Chris Kot. Lots of positive comments on Chris' talk which was aimed at trying to keep Studio Flash straightforward, only needing a single light to achieve a wide variety of lighting types.  Keep It Simple Stupid was Chris' repeated mantra and he did just that. In addition to a single light Chris explained how it was possible to modify a single light at very low expense. 
His talk was punctuated by images, many of Chris' own, which helped illustrate the point about different lighting set-ups.

1st Place Pink & Blue by Christine Alcock 

2nd Place Forking Egg by Andy Lowe

3rd Place A Whole New World by Di Jackson

4th Place Smoked Duck by Andy Caws

5th Place Bottle Abstract by Christine Alcock

6th Place Dickens by Candlelight by Graham Jackson

7th Place Four Gerberas by Andy Caws

8th Place Pages to Love by Francesca Shearcroft

9th Place Droplet on Gerbera Petal by Di Jackson

10th Place Faffing with Roses by Francesca Shearcroft

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