Thursday 7 November 2019

Tuesday 5th November - Focus On ... Sport

Club members entered 36 sports images which were judged by those at the meeting.  After viewing the images several times, each person identified their top 5 images.  After a bit of number crunching, the top five were announced and included a wide range of different sporting activities.  The top 10 can be seen below.

For the second half of our meeting, Mick Ladner introduced us to the wonders of a moth trap.  He brought in his trap for us to see and showed us a selection of photographs he had taken of moths from his trap. We were amazed to see the variety of beautiful moths that can be found locally.  Thank you Mick.

 Focus On Sports Top 10

1st  AIRBORN by David Blake

2nd  TEAM WORK by Dawn Osborn

3rd  THREE BIKERS by Diana Graham

4th  RACEWAY BANGER by Stephen Gregory


6th  GOING FOR IT by David Blake

7th  MONO SPEED by Andy Lowe

8th  BREAKAWAY by Graham Frost

9th  HANGING ON AT CORAM by Di Jackson

10th  GO DOGS GO! by Tim Leonard

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