Wednesday 13 November 2019

Tuesday 12th November – Speaker: Danny Green

A larger than normal attendance by club members and visitors attended tonight to welcome Danny Green, renowned, award winning wildlife photographer. Danny's talk was entitles "Wild Taiga" which showcased some of Danny's images taken in the boreal forests around the world.
His dedication, persistence and knowledge of animal/bird behaviour paid off as his images were  stunning. Most, but not all, showed the wildlife in their landscape with a particular emphasis on a relatively shallow depth of field. This resulted in images with eye catching composition and in some cases very ethereal images.
Not many of us would spend 12 days in a hide, a very cold hide, in the hopes of getting the images. Not many of us would spend so many months of the year in the appropriate conditions, away from home, to get the images.
Finland was a favourite place and Danny leads workshops there. For more details and to see some of his images please check out Danny's web site here 

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