Friday 21 June 2019

Banham Zoo - Thursday 20th June

Nearly half our club members turned out for this, our penultimate club event of the season. The weather looked threatening but at the last moment the clouds cleared and we had a dry, warm evening for our tour.

We were given free access to roam and photograph the animals or, if preferred, join the guided tour with one of the keepers.

After an enjoyable evening of photography we headed for the cafe ready for tea, coffee and cakes.

Some of our images can be seen below:

Meerkat by Marnie Ball

Bar-headed Goose by Liz Akers

White-faced Saki Monkey by Jeff Bowley

Legs by Heather Ryder

Watching by Sue Baldwin

Lookout by Christine Alcock

Little Egret by Graham Frost

Reclining Otter by Roy Scrivener

White-faced Saki Monkey by Andy Caws

Cheetah by Di Jackson

Who Has the Hump? by David Wilkin

Snowy Owl by Christine Frost

Pallas Cat by Vanessa Robertson

Scarlet Ibis by Jim McConnell

Kangaroo with Joey in her Pouch by John Kerr

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