Sunday 23 September 2018

Kentwell Michaelmas - Saturday 22nd September 2018

Another season of club events started with a welcome return to Kentwell Hall providing a chance to catch up with their amazing Tudors.  They certainly paint a very vivid picture of what life must have been like in the 16th century.  In character all the time and full of fascinating facts about local and national history.
We watched food preparation both in the Hall's kitchen for the Gentry and outside for the Estate workers before enjoying our own excellent lunch in the cafe.

Some images from the day are shown below:

Family at Prayer by Roy Scrivener

Plucking Doves for Lunch by Diana Graham

Alchemy by Nick Akers

Good Woman Baker by Christine Alcock

Ladies at Lunch by Roy Scrivener

Spinning a Yarn by Dawn Osborn

Mischief by Graham Jackson

Preparing the anti moth mixture by Francesca Shearcroft

Peeling the Onions by Andy Caws

Keep Your Powder Dry by Christine Alcock

The Shy Embroiderer! by Di Jackson

Kitchen Maid by David Wilkin

Dr. Lee by Di Jackson

Shot Maker by Francesca Shearcroft

Pottage Mass Production by Nick Akers

Mealtime at Kentwell Hall by Diana Graham

Players by Andy Caws

Kentwell Kitchen by David Wilkin

The Alchemist by Dawn Osborn

Relaxing by Graham Jackson

Preparing the Potage by Di Jackson

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  1. Enjoying these pictures immensely especially the pictures of young Master Anthony mischievously sitting under the table, of me sharing food with his grandfather at the gentry dinner, the alchemist ...