Wednesday 24 January 2018

Tuesday 23rd January. Digital Competition, Monochrome

We welcomed Rex Makemson to be our judge for the second round of the digital competition. There were 85 images, a third in Members Class and the rest in Members Advanced. So Rex had his work cut out but managed to finish in time and was helpful in his comments.
The highest scoring images are shown below:
Bony the Mexican Musician by Suzi Senior 20

Shoe Envy by Andy Caws 20

Window on the Soul by Heather Ryder 20 

The Lookout by Diana Graham 20

Young Grey Seal by Tom Thurston 20

Arctic Fox by Jack Mitchell 20

Herring Gull Reflection by Rachael Trivett 20

Reassurance by Christine Alcock 19

The White Hut by Graham Jackson 19

Agarve by Paula Cooper 19

Leading the Way by Tim Leonard 19

Bald Eagle by Kim Scrivener 19

Maleficent by Chris Kot 19

The Beauty of Steam by Dave Angood 19

Zebra Reflection by Rachael Trivett 19

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