Thursday 2 March 2017

Tuesday 28th February Print Competition Round 2

There was no doubting the main message from our EAF judge, David Jordan, as he assessed over 60 prints - bigger, more generous mounts would show off our prints more effectively.  The theme of the competition was ‘botanical’ and David outlined his experience in this field and referred to his own achievements in the area especially his FRPS panel and past IGPOTY success.  He then turned his attention to our prints which demonstrated a good range of botanical subjects from close up flower detail, to buds, seed heads, shrubs and trees.

Many congratulations to club members whose prints achieved high scores.  Their images can be seen below:

ROSE by Ann Barber 20/20

SPRING IS HERE by Pam Rutty 20/20

PEACE LILY by Graham Frost 20/20

THREE FRIENDS by Francesca Shearcroft 20/20

AWASH WITH LIGHT by Paula Cooper 20/20

GERBERA by Christine Alcock 20/20

NEW LIFE AND OLD by Liz Blake 19/20

PEONY by Suzi Senior 19/20

SNOWDROP TRILOGY by Roy Scrivener 19/20

LADY SLIPPER ORCHID by Di Jackson 19/20

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