Sunday 19 February 2017

Friday 17th February - Husky Racing

Another good turnout for this event with club members spread throughout Kings Forest West looking for husky action. The early start was well worth it to see the larger teams racing by. The organisers of the event BSHRA were extremely friendly and helpful and kept us informed of what was going on. 

After the morning's excitement a good number of us managed to find our way to the very excellent Elveden Inn for lunch!

Here are a few of our husky images:

Husky Portrait by Kim Scrivener

Resting by Francesca Shearcroft

Getting Untangled by Liz Blake

Having a Chat by Sue Baldwin

Full On by Robin Orrow

A Team of Eight by Geoff Lingwood

Going For It by Daphne Lingwood

One Man and His Dog by Caroline Tillett

Watching You by Graham Jackson

Team of Four by Andy Caws

Go!Go! by Tim Leonard

Samoyed Team by Di Jackson

Flat Out by Andrew Barnes

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