Friday 28 October 2016

Tuesday 25th October Digital Competition

We welcomed Vic Hainsworth as the judge for our first competition of the year. A busy evening as we had 80 images to be judged ranging from abstract to wildlife, from architecture to flowers. Vic's comments were really helpful and he repeatedly suggested that a crop would improve an image as would a key line, no more than 3-5 px and in grey. Thank you Vic for coming to us from Colchester.

The images scoring 20 & 19 are shown below.

African Wild Dogs by Rachael Trivett 20/20

An Oasis of Calm by Liz Blake 20/20

Concentration by Daphne Lingwood 20/20

European Mantis by Andy Lowe by 20/20

Going for the Line by Keith Mountford 20/20

Mud Crawl by Andy Caws 20/20

 Wild Dogs Confront Young Rhino by Di Jackson 20/20

Otter on the Run by Jack Mitchell 20/20

Polecat by Diana Graham 20/20

Red Deer Bellowing by Caroline Tillett 20/20

Red Deer Stag Roaring by Tom Thurston 20/20

Red Squirrel by Marnie Ball 20/20

Snow Leopard by Jim McConnell 20/20

Terminator by Chris Kot 20/20

Bees Knees by Martyn Anderson 20/20

Waves of Light by Paula Cooper 20/20

Alert by Christine Alcock 19/20

Banded Damselfly by Geoff Lingwood 19/20

Diamonds on the Sea by Pam Rutty 19/20

It Must be Time for Dinner by John Kerr 19/20

Lunch with the New Family by John Kerr 19/20

Peach Perfection by Christine Alcock 19/20

Sideways by Keith Mountford 19/20

Stairway to heaven by Martyn Anderson 19/20

The Woodland Floor by Francesca Shearcroft 19/20

Tin Cowboy by Suzi Senior 19/20

White Lipped Snail by Marnie Ball 19/20

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