Wednesday 12 October 2016

Tuesday 11th October – Phototrek Winners & IR Photography

 During the summer many members were busy capturing images to try to win the Phototrek Champion Crown. Last week we showed all images which were judged by Cindy Petersen, Dave Turner and Bill Pound. Last night we announced the 3rd Place was Roy Scrivener, in 2nd Place was Andy Lowe and this year's Champion was Jan Murphy. Congratulations to all those who entered as well as the prize winners.

Creative by Jan Murphy

Water by Jan Murphy

Emotion by Jan Murphy

Colour by Jan Murphy

Monochrome by Jan Murphy

Through the Window by Jan Murphy

Monochrome by Andy Lowe

Through the Window by Andy Lowe

Ancient & Modern by Andy Lowe

Colour by Andy Lowe

Creative by Andy Lowe

Emotion by Andy Lowe

Ancient & Modern by Roy Scrivener

Colour by Roy Scrivener

Emotion by Roy Scrivener

At Work by Roy Scrivener

Monochrome by Roy Scrivener

Creative by Roy Scrivener

After the slightly earlier than usual coffee break we were then treated to an illustrated talk about Infra Red Photography by Jack Mitchell. Jack certainly unraveled the mysteries of IR image taking, including an easy to understand explanation of the physics, some pitfalls and how to avoid them and then he followed this by showing some IR images. 
I am sure there will be a few members keen to try it out either using filters or even getting their cameras converted at ACS, Watton.
Turn About by Jack Mitchell

Early Morning by Jack Mitchell

Khalifa by Jack Mitchell

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