Wednesday 27 January 2016

Tuesday 26th January - Digital Competition Round 2

Round 2 of this season's Digital Competition had the theme 'scapes and proved a popular topic attracting 80 entries.  The judge for the evening was David Hodgson from Wisbech.

We adopted a broad interpretation and the entries covered landscapes, seascapes, urban landscapes and more.  See below for the high scoring images.

POPPY FIELD by Jim McConnell (20/20)

MAID OF THE MIST AT NIAGARA by Suzi Senior (20/20)

END OF THE DAY by Tom Thurston (20/20)

WINTER SUNSHINE by Heather Ryder (20/20)


THE CLOUD FOREST AT SUNSET by Tim Leonard (20/20)

THURNE DRAINAGE PUMP by Graham Jackson (20/20)

NORTHERN LIGHTS by Andy Caws (20/20)

EILEAN DONAN CASTLE by Keith Mountford (20/20)

MEANDERING STREAM by Andy Caws (20/20)

THE STONES ON THE BEACH by Roy Scrivener (20/20)

LOOKING OUT TO SEA by Pam Rutty (19/20)

AUTUMN ON MOUNT TEIDE by Tim Leonard (19/20) 

THORNHAM EBBING TIDE by Christine Alcock (19/20)

TRACKS TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Francesca Shearcroft (19/20)

THE BLACK CUILLIN by Keith Mountford (19/20)

CASCADES by Di Daniels (19/20)

LAKESCAPE by Andy Lowe (19/20)

SNOWY SUNSET by Paula Cooper (19/20) 

BAMBUGH CASTLE AT DAWN by Roy Scrivener (19/20)

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