Wednesday 12 June 2013

11th June 2013 - ‘Out and about with our cameras’

Who would have guessed that our 1 hour challenge would produce such a variety of interesting photos.  Nobody travelled more than 4 miles from Saham Toney and everyone was back within the hour with at least one decent image.

While the rest of us were enjoying tea and coffee, David Blake was importing the 27 images into Lightroom.  After a quick review of all images straight from our cameras, David demonstrated some of the Lightroom editing functions and quickly created some impressive images.

Well done to everyone who took up the challenge.

David’s pick of the best of the bunch are shown here.

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  1. Caroline xJune 15, 2013

    Yet another great event, even if it was only an hour or so long. Personally i feel i have to go 'out for the day' to take nice pictures, this proves you can have limited time and still produce something lovely.
    I love this club x