Wednesday 22 May 2013

Sunday 19th May - Birds of Prey Workshop

We were lucky enough to have almost perfect conditions; not too bright and very little wind.  Jonathan and George, our instructors, and Mike and Ross the falconers, ensured we had the most fantastic day.

The technical information provided in the classroom at the beginning of the workshop was pitched at just the right level to give everyone a better chance of success and the individual help and support out in the field was much appreciated.

Hopefully, we will remember all the technical information and tips from the workshop and be better prepared if we ever get the chance to capture images of birds of prey in the wild.

Di Jackson
Events Secretary

Mmm Tasty by Gerry Godfrey

Barn Owl in Pine by Ron Wheeler

Harris Hawk Coming in to Land by Diana Graham

Harris Hawk by Diana Graham

Peregrine Taking Lure by Andrew Barnes

Lord of the Manor by Kim Scrivener

American Kestrel by David Blake

Landing by Caroline Tillett

Caroline and Friends by Roy Scrivener

American Kestrel by Di Jackson

Who's There? by Gerry godfrey

Owl in Flight by David Blake

American Kestrel by Andy Caws

Barn Owl by Caroline Tillett

Harris Hawk by Andrew Barnes

Birds of Prey Day by Kim Scrivener

 On My Way by David Blake

Raptor Landing by Roy Scrivener

Ural Owl by Di Jackson


  1. caroline xMay 23, 2013

    Yet another fantastic event, expertly organised.
    Jonathan has an awesome set up and is a genuinely nice, helpful guy.
    Mike clearly has immense knowledge and passion for the rescue and conservation of his birds.
    A fabulous afternoon, i'm enjoying attending and learning from each event i attend.
    Thanks all x