Thursday 14 February 2013

12th February: Artistic Photography or Photographic Art - Francesca Shearcroft

Over 40 people were entertained and inspired by Francesca’s presentation.  First she showed us examples of her images, most of them created in camera through Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).  We saw a wide range of ICM effects and there was something for everyone.  Francesca then took us through the basic technical steps of her ICM technique.  From the buzz in the hall, I think many of us will be having a go.  Watch out for a group of 20 photographers walking backwards and waving their cameras up, down and sideways at our club visit to Kings Lynn on 24th February!

You can see a few examples of Francesca’s work below but to enjoy more of her images, click on or use the link on the right hand side of this web page.

Water, Boats and Marshes by Francesca Shearcroft

Canyon de Chelly by Francesca Shearcroft

12th February WDPC meeting by Francesca Shearcroft

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