Friday 17 June 2011


  1. David RylandJune 30, 2011

    [Well, the AV show evening went well I thought, with some interesting video added as well as 'Stills to Music'. The new projector (Canon XEED SX80 Mk 2) performed well with astonishing clarity.

    We may need to have material a few days in advance of the event in future though, as we had a few problems showing some of the entries. Nobody's fault, just the usual mismatch of software that we suffer sometimes. It would be nice to make sure no one was dissapointed on the night, having made the effort. I hope we can grow this branch of photography in the club and eventually enter interclub competitions. It is a very attractive way of presenting a story in a sequence of still images and great fun to put it all together.

    WDPC Chairman.]

  2. David Ryland - ChairmanJune 30, 2011

    [Now we have our own club projector, the Committee would like to publicly thank David Blake for allowing us to use his projector for so long. Great stuff.]