Friday 3 June 2011

Print Competition - Last Round

Interesting evening with Doug Mounter judging. With a topic of People the evening saw a varied take on this subject. Many thanks to Doug for coming along.
Here are a few of the high scoring images from the evening, if any one else has high scoring images please email me at:

Congratulations to: Di Jackson on winning the Advanced Print Competition 2011, David Wilkin on winning the Intermediate Print Competition 2011 and last, but not least, congratulations to Christine Alcock for winning the Club Print Competition 2011.

©Donny Abbs, Retired Lifeboatman by Christine Alcock

©Jodie by David Blake WDPC Norfolk

©Laugh Out Loud by Di Jackson WDPC Norfolk

©Jess by David Blake WDPC Norfolk

©Street Entertainers, Norwich, Norfolk by Di Jackson WDPC Norfolk

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