Thursday 9 November 2023

Tuesday 7th November – "Mindful Photography – slowing down for success" Simon Turnbull

 We welcomed Simon Turnbull, via Zoom, whose presentation was in two distinct halves. Part 1 was an introduction to Mindful Photography and Part 2 tips and tricks on how to achieve it.

Simon stressed the need to slow down, take the tripod footprint shot and then look, look and look again for the details. Taking pictures for yourself and not for the judge or social media was inevitably more rewarding.

In honey pot locations Simon suggested asking the question..What can I take here that is a bit different? He suggested eliminating all distractions and concentrating on the scenes around you. Simon also suggested a few Apps for smart phones to help with our photography.

Simon's talk was peppered with many of his photos, some of which can be seen on his website:

Simon was well qualified to talk on the subject has he has won many national awards, the latest being the winner of the Landscape of the year in 2022.

An interesting evening and Simon gave us much to think about hopefully to increase our enjoyment of our photography.

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