Thursday 5 October 2023

Tuesday 3rd October - Joe Houghton 'Processing a Nature shoot'.

In his third virtual visit to Wayland, Joe took us through his workflow processing images from a Nature shoot.  Much of the session looked at alternative methods for tackling noisy images.  Noise reduction software has improved significantly in recent years and this means we can increase ISO when shooting to achieve faster shutter speeds in tricky light conditions.

Joe edited a number of images which he'd shot with high ISO.  First he demonstrated techniques available in Lightroom which reduced the visibility of noise.  By using masks, Joe showed how we can selectively remove noise from areas while retaining or increasing detail in the main subject.  

For images where noise was a bigger problem, Joe demonstrated how Topaz Sharpen AI provided a better result.  

At several points throughout the session, Joe reminded us that just because we have powerful AI based software that will reduce noise and increase detail, we must make sure our adjustments are subtle.  Don't go over the top and make images 'too crunchy' to use Joe's phrase.  Sometimes less is more.

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