Wednesday 13 September 2023

Tuesday 12th September Zoom meeting - Martin Patten 'How to critique your own photos'.

Critiquing our own photos is a challenging task for all of us.  We are too personally attached to our images and each one triggers emotions and memories for us which may not be conveyed to the viewer.  Tonight's speaker, Martin Patten, started his presentation by giving tips on how to overcome emotion.  He then illustrated a number of other important principles to apply which should help us be more objective when judging images.

In the second half, Martin invited us to comment on a sample of different photos using the principles.  We soon discovered that club members viewing the photos formed different interpretations and opinions! Competition judges may be more consistent in their reactions but there are no guarantees.  If we follow Martin's advice, our success rate in competitions should improve.  We will find out as this season's competitions progress!

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