Wednesday 14 June 2023

Tuesday 13th June - Focus On Composites

In earlier meetings this season we have seen demonstrations from club members and watched Zoom speakers create composite images.  Tonight was a chance to see how people applied the various techniques to create their own images.  We saw a wide variety of results which demonstrated both skill and imagination.

There were 30 entries and the members at the meeting voted for the top 5.  The clear favourite was Sue Baldwin's 'Bootiful'.  Sue described the components of her images and how they were combined as did the authors of the other images in the top 5.  Scroll down to see the images that received the most votes.

In the second part of the meeting, Jack Mitchell did a step-by-step demonstration using Photoshop and Lightroom to create a contact sheet of six images.  This is something that will be needed by entrants of our annual summer challenge.  Jack also covered adding a pinline or stroke to finish an image and saving the image as a correctly sized jpeg - I know our competition secretary will be pleased if more of us master resizing!

1st BOOTIFUL by Sue Baldwin

2nd AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN by Graham Jackson

3rd CANT SEE ME by Stephen Gregory

4th THE FACE IN THE CITY by Jan Murphy

5th PRETTY IN BLUE by Francesca Shearcroft

6th= A HOST OF GARDEN BIRDS by Jack Mitchell

6th= POPPY PATCH by Andy Caws

6th= THE BLACK SWAN by Roy Scrivener

9th WAIT FOR ME by Graham Jackson

10th= CARNATION by Diana Graham

10th= PLAYING IN THE MUD by Francesca Shearcroft

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