Wednesday 10 March 2021

Tuesday 9th March – Presentation by Astrid McGechan entitled "Feel the Land – Photography and Emotion"

Astrid McGechan, LRPS and Light & Land leader, came along to share her thoughts of Photography and Emotion. She started off by telling us a little about herself and how she came into photography, illustrating her story with her images. 

Continuing she shared why and how to capture emotion, including quotes from many other creatives, including playing some music. It seems that images which were important to her tended to show beauty, harmony and calm and these frequently related to how other's felt about her images. She told many stories along the way and gave a few suggestions as to why black and white was important to be able to convey emotion.

In the second half Astrid explained some of the techniques she used when making her images, including multiple exposures, ICM, using textures, and even defacing an image. All were ably illustrated by her own images and stories she told about them.

It was a totally different type of presentation given by Astrid McGechan that made us consider images in a different way, perhaps best summed up be her phase, "Don't take pictures of what it looks like but take pictures for how it makes you feel".

Many positive comments from members afterwards and increased activity on her FB page!!

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