Friday 23 November 2018

Minsmere RSPB Nature Reserve - Thursday 22nd November

Many thanks to everyone that turned up for this club event despite the cold, miserable grey day.  Many of us found the very low light quite tricky to deal with and had to really push the ISO up - we’ll see which software deals best with all the noise.

Some of us were lucky enough to get good sightings of the Bittern and Grey Heron from Island hide - some of us were not so lucky!  There were also numerous Marsh Harriers over the reed beds at Island and Bittern hides which were fantastic to watch. 

Here’s a few of our images below:

Bittern by Robin Orrow

Marsh Harrier - Island Hide by Christine Frost

Grey Heron by Robin Orrow

Bracing Breeze by Andy Caws

Cold Enough for Penguins by Graham Frost

The Elusive Bittern by Francesca Shearcroft

Heron by Diana Daniels

Marsh Harrier by Martin Hill

View from Island Hide by Andy Low

High Key Shoveller by Robin Orrow

Bittern by Diana Daniels

Marsh Harrier by Di Jackson

Fly Agaric by Andy Lowe

Mr and Mrs Teal by Francesca Shearcroft

Marsh Harrier by Martin Hill

Grey Heron by Andy Lowe

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