Wednesday 13 June 2018

Tuesday 12th June – Summer Evening Outing to Thetford

The day started very grey and overcast but by the time we gathered at Thetford in the evening there were some decent clouds and even patches of blue sky. Over 20 members met at Three Nunns Bridges and walked by the river and the surroundings taking photos as they went. It was an ideal opportunity for some newer members to get to grips with their cameras and for others to try to master their complex menu systems.
Some of us finished up in the American Bar, Grand Central, to have a warm drink as the weather, although dry, was a little chilly. Not only did we sample the drinks on offer but some kind customers posed for us!!
All in all a good evening was had by all. 
Some images are shown below.
Discarded Xmas Teddy by Liz Blake

Rusty Handcuffs by Liz Blake

Between the Stones by Sue Baldwin

Unusual Clock by Sue Baldwin

Capt Mannering by Mike Winter

Reflections by Mike Winter

Capturing the Maharaja by Di Jackson

Old Friends by Di Jackson

Jan Determined to get her Photo by Diana Graham

Thomas Paine by Diana Graham

A Friendly Local by Tim Leonard

A Georgian Portico by Tim Leonard

In the American Diner by Jan Murphy

Nuns Bridges by Andy Caws

The River Thet by Jan Murphy

Thetford Evening by John Kerr

Alium by Liz Akers

Nor's Boat by Liz Akers

Backlit by Francesca Shearcroft

Leafy Arch Over the River Ouse by Nick Akers

Bob and the Captain by Andrew Barnes

Can you see me by Andrew Barnes

Thetford by the River by Nick Akers

Red and Blue by Christine Alcock

Sun Setting on the Little Ouse by Christine Alcock

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