Wednesday 25 April 2018

Boat Trip on The Boston Belle - Monday 23rd April

30 of us boarded The Boston Belle at Boston Marina ready to leave with the high tide at 10.00am.  Once safely onboard we travelled down the River Witham through Boston docks and out into The Wash.  Pete, our Skipper, provided a commentary pointing out places of local historic interest and help with bird identification if required.

Although conditions were fortunately calmer than forecast, the lounge provided a very relaxed, warm and comfortable area for those that didn’t fancy exposing themselves to the elements.

There was a bit of a stampede once everyone realised that hot bacon butties were available with tea, coffee or hot chocolate and some people settled into the lounge and there they stayed for the duration of the cruise enjoying the sights without getting too blown away.

Although wildlife was a little sparse or too distant for decent photography everyone reported having had a lovely, relaxed day with plenty of opportunities to catch up with their fellow club members.

You can see some of our images below : 

A Flock of Seagulls by Roy Scrivener

Shrimper by Andy Caws

Oystercatcher by Diana Graham

Harbour Seals by Jim McConnell

Avocet in Flight by Robin Orrow

Cleat Hitch Knot by Liz Blake

Oystercatcher with Worm by Di Jackson

Swan Preening by Robin Orrow

The Douwent by Liz Blake

Taking a Break by Diana Graham

Cormorant in Flight by Di Jackson

Take Off by Andy Caws

By Nicolas Ashford

Approaching the Stump by Roy Scrivener

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