Wednesday 28 March 2018

Tuesday 27th March – Digital Competition- Nature

We welcomed Derek Leake from Lowestoft to judge our Nature Competition.
There were 31 images in the members class and 46 in the Members Advanced group so Derek had his work cut out to get through all images in time.
Derek focussed many of his comments on the tendency for the images to be overexposed and also for the need to concentrate on depth of field.
Despite there being some confusion as to what was allowed within the club definition of nature there were many high scoring images, of which the 20's are shown below. 

A Frog in a Can by Suzi Senior

Bearded Tit at home in the Reedbed by Graham Frost

Bluetit Sheltering in the Hedge by Andy Caws

Cacti by Daphne Lingwood

Charging Bull Elephant by Di Jackson

Damselfly by Geoff Lingwood

Eye Spy a Fox by Andy Lowe

Lynx by Diana Graham

Lynx by Rachael Trivett

Orb Garden Spider by Fred Thompson

Otter Close Up by Charles Youens

Pied Kingfisher by Di Jackson

Sleepy Snow Leopard by Liz Blake

Stand Out from the Crowd by Dave Angood

Teasel by Daphne Lingwood

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