Friday 10 November 2017

Thursday 9th November - Titchwell Marsh RSPB

Most of us had to work fairly hard to find any birds within range of our lenses and Fen hide and Patsy’s reedbed were disappointing as there was hardly a bird in sight!

We had more luck as we walked along the West bank path spotting various waders and wildfowl but most productive was the Beach, particularly towards the tidal creek at Saltmarsh, where there were plenty of obliging sanderlings, oystercatchers, godwits and gulls.

We met up for lunch at the cafe and enjoyed a variety of hot food and drinks then set out again before we lost the light. We were rewarded with a splendid sunset over the marshes and a glimpse of a distant harrier.

Some of our images can be seen below.

Titchwell Sunset by Andy Caws

Black-headed Gull by Liz Blake

Redshank by Francesca Shearcroft

Brent Flyover by Graham Frost

Curlew by Christine Frost

Red Kite by Mick Ladner

Turnstone Turning Razor Clam by Di Jackson

Snipe by Robin Orrow

Little Egret by Tom Thurston

Sanderling by Graham Jackson

Get Close to your Subject by Christine Frost

Turnstone off to the Beach by Graham Frost

Oystercatcher Under Attack by Di Jackson

Reed Bunting by Tom Thurston

Blacktailed Godwits by Mick Ladner

Redshank Dispute by Robin Orrow

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