Thursday 11 May 2017

Wednesday 10th May - Hickling Broad Boat Trip (NWT)

What a fantastic day on Hickling Broad - 2 boatloads of us set off to photograph the fabulous scenery and wildlife found at this Norfolk Wildlife Trust site.

Weather conditions were much improved over recent days and our only 'problem' was coping with too much sunshine which made getting the correct exposure tricky.

Many thanks to Jacqui and the team at Hickling for ensuring we had an excellent, well organised and informative day at this beautiful site.

Some of us went onto The Greyhound in Hickling village (surprise!) where we were treated once again to some lovely grub!

Some of our images are below:

Little Tern by Liz Blake

Mute Swan by Robin Orrow

Crested Grebe by Geoff Lingwood

Family of Greylag Geese by Andrew Barnes

Flying the Flag by Jan Murphy

Mute Swan Landing by Geoff Lingwood

Mute Swan feeding Cygnets by Jan Murphy

Marsh Harrier over Meadow Dyke by Mick Ladner

Safety in Numbers by Kim Scrivener

Among the Reeds by Andy Caws

Male Reed Bunting by Di Jackson

Swan Aggression Display by Liz Blake

Motley Crew by Andy Caws

Mute Swan with Cygnets by Christine Alcock

Ready for Take-off by Di Jackson

Hazy Afternoon by Kim Scrivener

Mallard Ducklings by Diana Graham

Feeding Cygnets by Ron Wheeler

Avocet by Diana Graham

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