Sunday 2 April 2017

Tuesday 28th March: Digital Competition Round 3: Judge Sarah Kelman

 As members went to the break after the Club and Intermediate Images had been judged several people came up to Sarah and complimented her on her judging. Everyone learnt something, her comments were constructive, helpful, supportive and informative. By the end of the second half members were not bothered that we had run over time as the comments given to the advanced group were equally as helpful. With over 70 images to comment on Sarah's comments were well received and had all of us listening attentively.

Congratulations to all those whose images scored highly and which are reproduced below.

Beyond Repair by Reg Barber 20/20

Dilapidated by Liz Blake 20/20

Down but Not Out by Christine Alcock 20/20

Fragile by Paula Cooper 20/20

Home Sweet Home by John Boekee 20/20

Snettisham Old Jetty by Graham Frost 20/20
Two Wheels on the Wagon by Jim McConnell 19/20

Rotting Apple by Roy Scrivener 19/20

Faded Bloom by Christine Frost 19/20

Any Old Iron by Suzi Senior 19/20

Defeated by the Sea by Christine Frost 19/20

Failed MOT by Daphne Lingwood 19/20

Little Audrey by Mike winter 19/20
The Old Church at Kirby Bedon by Tim Leonard 19/20

Old Sea Defences by Jack Mitchell 19/20

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  1. Hope we see Sarah again next year - definitely one of the best judges we've had at WDPC.