Wednesday 9 November 2016

Tuesday 8th November – Speedlight tutorial and workshop

The use of flash seems to be something which perplexes many photographers and something many shy away from.
Well after Robin Orrow's instructional tutorial there will be many members who will now have much better grasp of how to use their flashguns. Whilst demonstrating various techniques Robin had his camera tethered to the projector so we could all clearly see on the big screen, the effects of changing various settings. A very useful teaching aid. Robin answered all our questions in a helpful and easy to understand manner. 
We grappled with fill light, spill flash, high speed sync, rear curtain sync.....all now more familiar terms. Once we had a chance to use our own flash guns to take pictures of a variety of subjects, most of us felt a lot more confident. 
All we need to do now is practise, practise and practise.

A couple of Robin's demo images are shown below. 
Manual flash

Rear curtain sync

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