Wednesday 4 November 2015

Tuesday 3rd November - High speed photography

Huge thanks to Robert Hubbard and his wife Bridget for organising an excellent evening of high-speed photography.  With 46 people (most with tripods) jostling in the dark for positions at the bursting balloon or splashing strawberry stations, it was a miracle that most went away with decent photos.  

The pictures below tell the story!

Bursting Balloon by Geoff Lingwood

Pierced by Diana Graham

Big Splash by Heather Ryder

Splash by Jim McConnell

Balloon Burst by Tom Thurston

Ghost Balloon by Ron Wheeler

Heart of the Balloon by Caroline Tillett

Strawberry Splash by Kim Scrivener

Tulip Balloon by Andy Lowe

Bang by Roy Scrivener

We're Forever Bursting Bubbles! by Andy Caws

A Little Tipsy by Jan Murphy

Bursting Balloon by Tim Leonard

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