Saturday 10 October 2015

Tuesday 6th October 2015

Will Cheung's presentation 'My Passion for Photography' delivered exactly what it promised.   It was refreshing to hear him encourage photographers to ignore the temptation to produce images to please Club competition judges and go out there and shoot what pleases you.  Will's passion for photography was clear to see and he gave us all some useful tips and inspiration:  

  • have a few specific projects or themes in mind 
  • have a camera with you all the time
  • make sure your camera is ready for action with suitable settings
  • visualise shots and go out and hunt them down
  • be patient and wait for the ideal composition.

I can tell from a few images that club members have posted elsewhere that Will's session has already inspired you to get out and take photos.  If you want to contact him for advice, details are on his website

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