Wednesday 5 November 2014

Tuesday 4th November 2014 'Focus On ... Monochrome'

We had a record entry of 62 images (should have been 63, sorry Helen) for this 'Focus On Monochrome' session making a difficult task for the 43 members there to pick their favourite images.  After three viewings of all images, the voting papers were collected in.  Our spreadsheet crunched the numbers (3 points for a vote for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd) and the favourite monochrome image was Robin Orrow's 'Walking The Walk' (25 points), followed by Dave Angood's 'The Deck' (22 points) and joint 3rd place went to Di Jackson's 'Political Storm' and Robin's 'The Scream' (20 points).

Robin then reworked some of the images and demonstrated what could be achieved using Lightroom.  Most of the adjustments resulted in improvements but others got mixed reactions and sparked discussions.  As with many aspects of photography, it comes down to personal preferences and there were 43 different opinions to consider last night!  Thank you Robin for taking the time to edit over 30 images.

The favourite monochrome images of the meeting are here.  Many thanks to all those who contributed images.

WALKING THE WALK by Robin Orrow (25 points)

THE DECK by Dave Angood (22 points)

POLITICAL STORM by Di Jackson 20 points)

THE SCREAM by Robin Orrow (20 points)

WAITING by Christine Alcock (19 points)

EYES by Chris Kot (16 points)

FULL ON AT OULTON BROAD by Di Jackson (16 points)

BAY OF FIRES by Jan Murphy (11 points)

THE CUSTOM HOUSE by Heather Ryder (11 points)

VINTAGE MARINE GLORY by Jack Mitchell (10 points)

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