Monday 20 October 2014

16th & 19th October - Fungus Forays at Dersingham Bog

 This was our first event of the new season and we were fortunate on both days to get fine weather.

Many thanks to Nigel Downer for leading these two practical workshops to Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve.

We were shown many interesting and unusual fungi and given plenty of help and advice with identification and on how to obtain the best images of the fungi in their natural environment.

Some of the resulting images are shown below:

Fungi by Pam Rutty

Fungi Lace by Kim Scrivener

Come along Kiddies by Roy Scrivener

Little Grey Caps by Jan Murphy

Thursday's Crew by Caroline Tillett

Gill Detail by Jim McConnell

 Birch Bolete Fungus by Tom Thurston

Yellow Stag's-horn by Diana Graham

Variation on a Theme by Di Jackson

One Forager to Another by Sue Baldwin

Nigel Downer with Keith and Rita

Hard at Work

Only taking a Photo by David Wilkin

Sulphur Tuft Fungus by Christine Alcock

Smaller Than a 5p Piece by Andy Caws

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