Monday 7 October 2013

Sunday 6th October - Holkham

What a brilliant day and what a great start to this season's club events.
After an early 8.00am start (well done everyone!) and several distant sightings in heavily shaded woodland, we eventually 'tracked down' the deer standing in full view in the open parkland.  Some of us decided to go 'commando' and could be seen on their elbows stealthily approaching individual animals - that's what you call dedication!
All in all, a great opportunity for everyone to practise their camera skills and we were eventually rewarded with plenty of action when several bucks displayed their rutting behaviour.

Some of our images are below

Close Encounter by Keith Mountford

Commando Keith by Sue Baldwin

Commando Sue by Keith Mountford

Fine Beast by Ron Wheeler

Stag and his Family by Diana Graham

Holkham Lake by David Wilkin

Eyeball to Eyeball by Di Jackson

Holkham Deer by Sarah Pymer

Hawker Dragonfly by Geoff Lingwood

Spoiling For a Fight by Sarah Pymer

I'm Posing for You by Diana Graham

The Monument by David Wilkin

Deer A Leaping by Di Jackson

Fallow Buck by Sue Baldwin

Seeing off the Opposition by Di Jackson

Getting the Shot by Keith Mountford

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  1. Thanks to Di and Andy for organising a great day out in Holkham Park. Lovely weather (again) and good company. Added bonus of seeing lots of deer and some very close up. Too close maybe for Di !!