Monday 1 April 2013

26th March: Digital Competition Round 3 - Shadows & Reflections

We had an excellent attendance at last night’s meeting which was Round 3 of our digital competition.  The theme for this competition was Shadows and Reflections.  Many thanks to our judge Bob Darts who gave each of the images a thorough critique before scoring them.  His constructive comments will help us individually and, as a club, we will pick up some of his suggestions in our training evenings.

Again, the images in the Club class were especially strong.  But across the board we saw many excellent photographs which interpreted the theme in imaginative ways.  Scroll down to enjoy the high scoring images again.

Well done to all who entered images and thanks to everyone who supported the evening.

Breaking The Surface by Andy Caws

A Bird's Eye View by Kim Scrivener

Harbour Posts by Paul Gardner

Divided Reflection by Sarah Pymer

Homeward Bound by Di Jackson

Mannequin in the Morning by John Boekee

Sunset at Turf Fen by Diana Daniels

I_See Sky by Kim Scrivener

The Gherkin by Francesca Shearcroft

Time on his Hands by David Ryland

Wet the Baby's Head

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