Friday 29 June 2012

Tuesday 26th June - Members’ AV Show

Creating AVs is clearly not everyone’s bag!  Only four AVs were submitted which gave us a total of approximately 20 minutes viewing time - obviously not enough to fill the evening.  Thanks to Francesca for sharing her Charlie Waite DVD ‘Traveling Light’ which enabled us to have a full evening’s viewing.  In this DVD Charlie proves that stunning images needn’t be exclusive to larger cameras and that creativity and ‘seeing’ is the key to successful photography.
Thanks to everyone who created AVs for this meeting.  We enjoyed seeing Francesca’s ‘English Country Garden’, David Blake’s ‘2012 Weddings’, David Ryland’s ‘Coast’, and Di and Andy’s ‘An Eventful Year’.  Making AVs doesn’t have to be complicated - maybe a few more people will have a go next year.

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